Zachary, Forever 21

My first born son Zachary, what a joy and a mystery. He took his own life December 25, 2013. A month has gone by but I don’t recall where it went. I am lost, hollow, numb yet hurting. I never knew this kind of pain existed. The world is full of heartache and disappointment but this is new to me. To ache at a level that I can’t even describe. This blog is intended to be my outlet; my journey through grief. And it will be through grief, as I have learned there is no way around it, under it, or over it. One must go through it even as unbearable as it seems.


2 responses to “Zachary, Forever 21

  1. Hi Melissa, I am so sorry you have lost your beautiful boy, my son is forever 23 and I am two and a half years down the road. Your blog will help you and will help,others so well done for being so brave and recognising that there is no magic pill for,this. It is a journey to hell and back but you will find gifts and treasures along the way as hard as that might be to believe. I found that the key for me was getting to a place of acceptance. Accepting that this was my sons fate and accepting that I will never know the true reasons he did it. It is easier if you find company along the way from parents who sadly know exactly how you brave, be weak, be in despair, whatever you feel it will all help you heal and you can survive for the sake of your son, his life and his memory. I hope you get to a place where you can celebrate his life and feel gratitude for the 21 years you had him and how he died will not be so painful. Sending love and hugs. Anne


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