From Zachary’s facebook wall

I expect a lot of heavy metal thunderstorms in the coming year. Play it loud. — withMatt Borkowski and Zachary Vaughn.
One of my all-time favorite students took his life this Christmas. Zachary Vaughngraduated from Woodmont High in 2012, and I got to work with him all 4 years. He was a member of our Thespian Society and was featured in many of our productions. I loved him dearly like he was my own son. He was a kind, wonderfully unique boy who was devoted to his friends. He was full of passion, humor, and an all-or-nothing attitude. I will treasure our talks, the worlds we created together, and his smile. Zach, I hope you know much we all truly love you. You are irreplaceable, and I am thankful for the time I got to share with you.
I was laying down last night and realized I still have your pillow you left in my brothers car. Ugh, it sucks that I’m never gonna get to walk in and see you and Landon practicing tattooing, or playing music. But I have the memories of it. I have a video on my phone of us doing the Oreo challenge and of you recording me playing slender man. You were cracking up. lol. You always knew how to bring me up. I miss you so much already and love you. I’m praying for your family. Keep an eye out on me and watch over my brother…he misses his BESTfriend. This isn’t goodbye though. It’s see you later. Love you♥
It’s sucks cause all I want to do is call you and talk about how terrible this day has been. Everyone misses you. I’ve ran through so many scenarios and conversations in my mind today that I am just exhausted. The only thing I can think now is that you’re in a better place. That saying “you never know what you got til it’s gone” really hits hard when it’s something you’ve lost and can never ever get back. 
As everyone reads your FB posts I want everyone to know this… 
I love you. I love picking on you and booby trapping your room and really hate that I didn’t do that one thing that would’ve kept you from …. This. 
What’s done is done. Now we all just have to “keep on keepin on”. We’ll never forget your goofy grin or your love for improv. 
Do me a solid tho- keep an eye on us down here and help keep us straight! Maybe when I make it up there you can give me the grand tour and we can do some catching up. 
It would be awesome if you could pull some pranks and like leave clues that your still with us and watching over us- nothin creepy tho! I love you Zachary Vaughn. I love you more than you ever knew.
I’ll never forget you zach you were an amazing friend and the time i spent with was some of the best moments of my life i couldn’t have asked for anything word cant describe the sorrow i feel having lost u man but i know that ill always remember u and thats what matters hope ur in a better place. 
r.i.p my friend 
Zachary Vaughn even though you didn’t know it you were one of my best friends. I loved seeing you at school and reminiscing on the good times we had at Woodmont. I miss you so much you were a great person and a great friend. Love you  -Jess
Well, today was a pretty good Christmas … until I got on Facebook and learned that one of my friends just died today.
Zachary Vaughn, you always seemed like such a bright, happy guy living in a dark world. You may not have thought it, but you had a big impact on all of us. Even though we more or less lost touch after high school, during those few years, you were like a brother to me, helping me with my insane projects, teaching me new skills, talking to me about your struggles, and through it all, you smiled and put a smile on everyone else’s face. You were a great friend, and I’ll miss you.
Rest in peace.
Zachary Vaughn rest in piece bro, we had some really great times together. Especially at mcdonalds. That was a great night. You were the reason i started to get back into the band korn. Pretty sure they were your favorite band. By listening to them so much i wanted an ibanez guitar. Anyways… Again Rest in piece man. . I love you bro
It’s so hard to believe you’re gone. Just the other day we were sitting together in Guitar Center playing Korn and making that employee’s whole day. You were really the only person who fully understood everything I am and have went through. We were like brothers, and now I’ll never be able to see you again, or play guitar with you. I’ve lost someone so special and important to me. Rest easy bro, you deserve it. I love you forever and always Zachary Vaughn.

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