A Grandmother’s Grief

Written by my mom:


For My Zachary,
by Sandy Huff,
Feb. 15, 2014

The sun came up this morning, but did not shine upon your face.
Instead a shadow was cast about, taking up your space.
The biting breeze of winter, swirled the snow this way and that.
But I didn’t see you standing, warm beneath your beanie hat.

The clouds drifted slowly by, adding darkness to the day
Just the way it has been, ever since you went away.
The air is thin and cold, it’s so hard to get my breath.
Is it really just the weather or the sadness of your death?

The thing I must remember is, you simply failed to know
That we all loved you far too much, to ever let you go.
The truth of your importance here, for you, came way too late.
Now we must bear the sorrow, of your untimely fate.

The struggle we each face, the unrelenting pain
Will linger on within our hearts, until we meet again.
The time will never be, that thoughts of you are lost
For loving you, even a short while, was surely worth the cost.


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