Givers and Takers

I have always considered myself to be a giver. It started way back when. You can ask my mother. I came home from school without my sweater, my hairbows, my winter coat, my new binder; I gave my stuff to another child that seemed to be in need in my eyes. It became a life long habit. I have been known to give my last dollar to someone even when I needed it for myself.

I have had many friends over the years that were takers. One-sided friendships. Me always being there, but not getting much in return. It never mattered to me. I was born a giver.

I am no longer a giver. I have become a taker. I have nothing to offer. I don’t care if your dishwasher broke, your dog died, your kid failed english or anything else that has run amok in your world. I am at the bottom of a well and I will suck you to the bottom with me. I will tell you in great detail all about the hell I am living in. I will soak up your sympathy, your empathy, and even your pity. I will let you hear the screams and wails of my grief if you want but I have nothing to offer you in return. I am empty and hollowed out. I am in a dark and scary place. I don’t even recognize me any more.

To the people that continue to reach out to me with phone calls, texts, and offers to visit; Thank You! I know I keep pushing you away but I am not ready to have lunch or return to “normal” life (whatever that means).  I am wallowing in my grief at this time. It is not a personal rejection. It is just me, isolating myself. I don’t know if that is good or bad; but it is where I am at right now. So unless you are interested in a one-sided friendship, please wait for me to reach the other side of this grief where I can become a giver again.


3 responses to “Givers and Takers

  1. We all go through stages of friendship where we are the givers and the takers. Some people do make a habit of taking more than they give but a true friendship goes back and forth. Whatever stage our friendship is in, know that I still consider you my friend.

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  2. I will never abandon you. I have walked through my own journey of grief recently and have learned all too well that some stay, while others go. I am here no matter what. I will walk the walk with you or simply wait on the sidelines. You are stuck with me Melissa. I only wish that I could shoulder some of your pain. I love you.


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