When you do stuff your mom said not to do.

There has been a long standing rule no tattoos while living under my roof. Zachary had 2 that everybody seemed to know about except his parents whose roof he was still living under.


If they had asked us to identify him based on tattoos i would have said that wasn’t my son.
But ultimately I get the last laugh. . .


This is supposed to be a memorial tattoo for my dad. He spelled his name wrong and put the date we buried him not the date he died. The real kicker is my dad’s name was also Zachary’s middle name. So he actually spelled his own name wrong. And that is what happens when you do stuff that your mother said not to do.


5 responses to “When you do stuff your mom said not to do.

  1. OMG..the fact that Zach got the dates wrong giggled me, but I know it shouldn’t have…I think it was because it meant soooooo much to him to have this tattoo done, that maybe he might have rushed it a bit and caused his own “oops” moment…but, with the best of intentions… I DO NOT do death well…I have not attended a funeral in 14 years due to this “glitch” in me…but..what others don’t understand is that when a worthy soul passes from this earth, I grieve in my own way…and that way has been through tattoos…. I have both legs covered with different colored stars; each star to represent a different family member it all began when we lost 4 close family members to cancer in the same year, and I was crushed to the point of not breathing, which made me think about life in a completely different way..>>skin deep in fact> To date, I have 30 stars on my legs, one each for the people in my life whom I love, and EVERYWHERE I go, almost EVERYDAY OF MY LIFE, people look and they notice and they ask me about my tattoos….it’s in these daily moments that the people I’ve loved and lost get to live on as I explain their love and life to complete strangers who bond with me and share their reverence and tears for people that I love and have loved…. and the circle continues……At the time that I got my tattoos, I didn’t understand why I had to get them…I only knew that I HAD to get them…regardless of what others thought…only after, did I stumble upon this verse, and it all made sense to me….<when an angel of Heaven describes to the Prophet Ezra the 7 appointed stages of joy after a person dies: "Their sixth joy will be the revelation that they are to shine like stars, never to fade or die, with faces radiant as the sun." (hence” why everyone I’ve loved (living or not) has become a “star” tattoo…Zach knew that he was honoring a person with his tattoo much larger than himself, even if it was to the dismay of others….The fact that he was willing to sacrifice his body for a person that he felt so strongly for displays to me that he was more Christ like than many people walking this earth now…after all..didn’t our Savior give up his body as a reminder to others? Zach is a star in Heaven now… and our willingness to embrace this is the key to HIS survival….Zach kept his grandfather’s memory alive…and even in death,(for either one) this can not be taken away….and, as this circle continues…Zach’s memory will not soon fade either, because as promised, “He is to shine like a star, never to fade…” like a tattoo… ) (I have a specific color star for everyone based on my memory of them…what color star would Zachary be?)


  2. I briefly toyed with the idea of a tattoo in memory of my son, however, I opted for jewelry with his name on it (I have a few pieces) which I wear every day. However, my daughter worked with an artist to design a beautiful and personal tattoo to honor her brother, which she had tattooed on her rib cage very close to her heart. She even had some of his ashes mixed into the ink. This makes her feel that she keeps him close to her at all times. My husband still hasn’t been told about this tattoo, as he disdains tattoos. Though I’m not a fan of tattoos, I approve of my daughter’s decision to honor her brother in this very loving way.

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  3. Philip did the same – and he kept telling me he’d come with me if I wanted to get one. At the time, I opted for a nose stud instead ’cause I figured I could take it out if I got tired of it (I haven’t). But after he died I got a tattoo of a rose with his name. I welcomed the physical pain of it, as if it could burn the psychic pain out of me.

    Thanks for the smile – your humor is much appreciated.


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