Today I am washing the clothes from Zachary’s hamper. I carefully checked all his pockets. I found a receipt that was too faded to read and a piece of notebook paper with his Christmas budget on it. He was a student and only worked part-time and I think he had done pretty well with his budget. I shredded it though, I thought it could cause controversy over who was or wasn’t on the list and the amount next to their name. Somethings are better left unknown. I could almost hear his voice reminding me that Tripp pants need to be washed inside out.

tripp pants - gothic Photo


Which brought to mind a funny story, when he first started doing his own laundry in middle school, I told him to turn his Tripp pants wrong side out and remove any chains that were removable so he wouldn’t tear up my washer or dryer. Zachary said “I already know to turn them inside-out but it isn’t about your appliances; I don’t want to tear up my pants”! He also washed and dried all screen-printed tees wrong side out, so the screen print image would last longer. His dirty socks were folded together just like clean ones so you don’t end up losing a sock; something he learned from dear Ole Dad. I am sure his future wife would have appreciated that; if he were here to have a future wife.


It has been a painful laundry day but I am grateful that I gathered the strength to get it done. One  more thing I can take off the list of Zachary chores.


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