When Zachary was little, he didn’t collect hot wheels. He collected action figures. He had to have every version of every hero and every villain. Batman was his favorite when he was little but later in life Spiderman was his favorite.

One day when he was small and playing at my feet with batman and a villain. He kept calling the villain toothpaste. I couldn’t figure out who he was talking about. I finally figured out the villain’s name was actually Two-Face.

After he was grown we still laughed about it. Two years ago someone gave us four kittens. We live in the woods and one was immediately killed by something. One of the others was seriously injured and had half a face left. Zachary named him Two-Face and we jokingly called him toothpaste. Since we had a Two-Face, we ended up naming one Batman also. All of those cats have since disappeared. I suppose that is just how country life works.

Anyway, every time I brush my teeth, I think of him calling the villain toothpaste. 🙂


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