Have the day you’re having

When our middle daughter was in high school (the one closest to Zachary in age), she often said “Have the day you’re having”. It is from a movie but I can’t recall the title. She meant it in a positive way, as she has such a free-spirit, go with the flow, spontaneous personality. Recently, those words have come back to me with much different meaning. Everyday, all I can do is “have the day I’m having” whether it is a grief day or a Melissa day. That is how I describe my days~Grief Days are the ones that I am immobilized and the grief “wins”; Melissa days are the ones that I accomplish things and I “win”. In this journey, we have no choice but to “have the day we’re having”; just rolling with the grief tides. And that’s okay! We are allowed to “have the day we’re having”! Grief days are necessary for healing and Melissa days are necessary for sanity. It is my hope that the farther I go on this journey, the more Melissa days I will have and the less Grief days I will have.

So, go ahead and just “have the day you’re having” today.


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