The 2nd Christmas

I just realized yesterday that Christmas will be the first anniversary of Zachary’s passing; however, it will be the second Christmas without him. We awoke last Christmas to him simply missing. Then the coroner arrived to tell us where he was. Missing wasn’t as bad as deceased. Anyway, I realized that if we managed to survive last Christmas I am certain that we can survive this one. I have done my very best to try and make this Christmas as normal as possible. I simply cannot allow Christmas to die with Zachary. I have always loved Christmas; Zachary loved Christmas. So we will go on to have a Christmas as best as we can; even if it means unwrapping gifts through tears. We will survive this. We will pull together as a family. We will hold each other up; lean on each other; and do whatever it takes to get through the day.


This is how far I got yesterday and maybe I won’t get any farther but it will be okay.


Our oldest daughter Ashley gave me this spider-man ornament Thanksgiving day. I had the other one made at Things Remembered along with some others.


This one is for my precious Daddy who passed January 2013.


This one is for my precious brother-in-law who passed in October 2013.


This one is for my precious father-in-law who passed in July 2000.


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