4am is quiet and lonely


I woke up at 4 am this morning with you on my mind and on my heart. The house is quiet and I feel so alone in my grief. Thoughts of you won’t leave my mind. I think of all the loss. Not just the loss of you but of your future. No college graduation, no wedding, no house warming party when you move out on your own, no grandchildren (dressed in goth baby clothes), no career as a tattoo artist, no more hearing you sing or play guitar, no more excitement over new video games. The sense of loss is overwhelming at times. I still have tears that fall out of the blue and that punch in the gut feeling out of nowhere. I would give my own life just to hug you one more time. Photographs of you don’t do you justice. Your unique personality doesn’t show in 2 dimension glossy paper. I talk to you often but you never respond; a good haunting would be your style but you haven’t shown up. I miss you more than words can say.  Wishing you were here . . .


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