From Grace

Post written by Ms. Grace Borkowski-one of Zachary’s oldest and dearest friends.
I’m not even sure where to begin. When everyone was at the service for you at Woodmont, we had the opportunity to go up there and say something, from when we met you to our favorite memory. Most people said that they met you from drama class in highschool. But of course that wasn’t our case. So now I will say what I couldn’t that day. Zachary, we meet in 4th grade,when all the boys would run away from me,  you stayed with me everyday. You became my best friend. We would spend recess together, we would sit next to each other in class and at lunch. Even during reading time, we were allowed to take our shoes off, well not you for obvious reasons. Every group project, you were there. Every recess, you were there. Every lunch, you were there. Every day, you were there. Recently after your passing,  your mom told me something I never knew. You planned on marrying me! Your reason? Because I knew how to play video games. We would talk on the phone almost every night with our friend James. I even remember when you came over to my house and brought your toy Yoda. But of course time went by. We went to different middle schools. But fate had a sneaky plan. I walked into Woodmont Highschool for freshman orientation,and there you were! Of course you weren’t what I expected, you didn’t have your short blonde hair, blue jeans and t-shirt. Long blonde hair, Tripp pants and band t-shirts. But guess what, you were still the same amazing Zach. We didn’t see much of each other during high school. But when we did, you had this sweet smile on your face. After high school, the year before you passed, you were troubled but I was there for you.  I held you when you cried, when you wanted to give up. I did my best to make you smile again. And a good bit of the time I did succeed. We would play man hunt and even then you stuck next to me when we hid from the others. We would talk for hours about everything while we waited for people to find us. When I would have panic attacks and hide in the woods you and Mitchell would find me and hold me close. Christmas when Landon called me, I was in shock and heart-broken. But now I know you are with my older brother Matthew raising all kinds of trouble. I love you, I will never forget you, and you will always be my best friend. You have so many people that love you, and I hope you never forget that. Grace
Thank you Grace for sharing such sweet memories. You know I adore you and I appreciate that you were here for me in the days and weeks that followed Zachary’s passing.

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