Extraordinary people work at Build A Bear Workshop


I am rather cynical about the human race and life in general. That being said, I encountered 2 extraordinary people today.

I detest going to the mall but today it was a necessary evil. I was in complete panic mode. It was crowded and it felt like there was not enough air for me and all those other people. I detest crowds. I managed to get what I went for but some thing extraordinary happened on my way out.

As I was walking through the mall I happened to look up and notice Build A Bear Workshop. Although I have 6 kids, I have never been in there before. I saw a Grinch in the window. I was drawn to it instinctively. Zachary had played the Grinch in a drama project and he happens to be the Grinch that stole my Christmas. I wanted that Grinch but I stood there thinking how ridiculous it would be for a 44 yr old woman to go in there and make a toy. I walked through the door anyway. I approached the bin with the flat bodied Grinches. I told myself it was silly and I didn’t need it. Then I picked one up and the sobs came. I decided I had to have it regardless of my age. As I tried to ask an employee how the process worked she was very understanding even though I was so upset. I softly explained that I needed a Grinch because I lost my son to suicide on Christmas day 2013 and he had previously been the Grinch during his high school drama career. She kindly patted my arm and said she would get someone to help me. I also asked her if a black sharpie was available because I needed to write on his heart before it went inside. She had another employee help me and found me a marker. The second employee was amazing. She listened to me sob as we made my Grinch and she even took the time to look at pictures of Zachary on my phone. I wrote his name on one side of the heart and “We still love you” on the other side. Once we finished my Grinch, she asked me if I wanted to make a birth certificate for it. I declined and said I would put a copy of his death certificate with him instead. She gently put him in his box for me and removed the tag just before closing the box up. Then she said you are all done and ready to go. I said I don’t think so I need the tag to pay for him. She said it has been taken care of. I started sobbing all over again and said no ma’am I have to pay for him. Again she said no it has been taken care of. I looked to the first employee who had assisted me and was currently working the cash register. She shook her head yes and said you are good to go. The second employee hugged me tightly and said he may have stolen my Christmas spirit for now but it would surely return eventually. I am not sure if the store gave me the Grinch or if one of the employees paid for it. But either way it was a huge blessing.

Extraordinary people still exist and extraordinary things still happen even though my son is gone. Thank you aren’t enough words nor do they carry enough emotion to truly express my gratitude.

I truly needed that Grinch and I needed those people at that moment in time. God handles it all even the little Grinchy details.



11 responses to “Extraordinary people work at Build A Bear Workshop

  1. You will never know just how much your story blessed me when you called to share it. Christmas is not my favorite time of year either for a similar reason. You reminded me that there are good people in this world who do care to hear our story. I love you sweet friend!

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  2. Melissa- Your story brings to mind many of the amazing people I have met and continue to meet along this frightful journey. It is the heartfelt kindness of strangers that can uplift us, if even for a moment, and remind us that there is, indeed, still good in this world. Thank you for the reminder.

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  3. Your mother is a friend I lost contact with until a few weeks ago. She told me your story and I have been praying fr your family. Your courage inspires me. You have always been such a remarkable young lady. Keep fighting, you will make it, I believe.

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  4. What an amazing story, Melissa. Well-written. Beautifully told. I’m deeply touched by it. Thank you for putting words to your pain to let us remember, cry, and journey with you. My thoughts, love, and prayers are with you, especially during this difficult season.

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