My SAAB Story, Part 2

This is a follow-up to my blog post “My SAAB Story”. Long story short, I had a SAAB and regret selling it.

I have given up hope on buying back my beloved Stella (SAAB 94X #427). Sometimes life just doesn’t work out the way you want it to. I am hopefully that she is now owned by a true SAABIE that really loves her which would be an awesome reason to let go of the daily online search of her VIN.

Originally, Stella was replaced with a nice 2017 Buick Encore who I named Ellie. Unfortunately, Ellie and I just never connected on an emotional level. It wasn’t her, it was me. I was carrying too much SAAB baggage into the relationship. Ellie has now been traded and I hope she finds someone to love and appreciate the Buick that she is.

I thought a lot about buying another SAAB 94X or maybe a different model SAAB but that didn’t seem like the best idea since we all know that eventually the stock of all things SAAB will run out. So, I began looking at the 94X non-SAAB twin; the Cadillac SRX.

I lucked into a 2016 SRX with only 22,000 miles. I believe this is the beginning of a great relationship. I wanted to name her Stella 2.0 but my dear husband informed me that it would have to be Stella 3.6 because it is a 3.6 liter. The interior is strikingly similar to the 94X except the dash. The new Stella has more bells and whistles, which are actually wasted on this simple girl. The only thing I truly miss is the gas and brake pedals coming to me; I am back to sitting on the steering wheel. The cup holder is the same with the nifty trap-door bottom that can be used as a trash can. The center consoles in both the front-seat and in the back-seat are the same. When the rear hatch goes up, looks just like the old Stella inside. The door panels are all the same if you ignore the woodgrain trim. My butt feels exactly the same in the driver seat. This new Stella is just as fun to drive as the old Stella, sounds the same when you rev the engine. The new Stella hugs curves just like her predecessor. Never thought I would be a Caddie girl but she makes a fine replacement. I know I won’t be seeing Zachary riding shot gun in the new Stella but I have no doubt he would approve and his ‘KORN’ doll will look just as good on the dash.

2018-03-31 111810955695..jpg          20180331_123547-1-922214224.jpg


2018-03-31 11-1564899089..jpg



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