Let’s take the Tricycle Son. You Drive. — Michael Cogdill

My mother said of me, “The good Lord knew just what I needed when He sent me you.” What a lovely motherly thought. And what a naive, childhood-shattering, stupendously improper thing for a parent to believe, or to say. It is immensely well meaning, but utterly wrong. My own mother knows this now. We have […]

via Let’s take the Tricycle Son. You Drive. — Michael Cogdill


“Children are not made by God to fill adult-size holes in grown men and women.”—An awesome bit of truth. This post hit close to home and jarred my heart just a little.

Grief has made me less of a parent than my living children deserve. The youngest boy must at times feel responsible for filling the void left by his brother; especially since he is the only living boy. My apologies for that. The others must at times feel that the memory of the boy who was, upstages everything they do. My apologies for that too. Parenting a child who resides on the other side of the veil is a learning experience just like parenting on this side. I will surely never get it perfect but I will never stop trying.


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