Missing you

The moments I miss you the most are hard to explain. If I see a movie or a video game that I know you would have liked, I hate that you aren’t here. When I hear a song by Korn or Disturbed that I heard you play on your guitar it sends a sharp pain through my heart. Deep in the night, when I wake up you are no longer in your room doing your night owl stuff and I feel lonely. Every summer when the rest of the clan would go to the lake or go camping, it was just me and you (the non-outside people). When they go now, I am truly alone and I miss you more than anything. I can’t tell you what I would give to see your face, or hear you laugh, or feel you hug me. I love you kiddo.


One response to “Missing you

  1. There are so many moments we miss them ♡ we are coming up to 3 years in Oct & the tears are way more at the surface than they have been over the previous years. It will never be the same & we’ll grieve for them all the rest of our lives x

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